Lifetime Family Fitness

Starting a lifetime family fitness regime needn’t be a difficult thing and it is the perfect way to get back into shape while encouraging your partner to do the same. You can also use the fitness plan to get the kids interested in exercise and staying healthy while having fun and bringing the family closer together.

Although the importance of a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is well known and documented, very few people actually get to incorporate it into their lives, with hectic schedules and busy working weeks. However, it does not need to be difficult to get the family up and about and to start a new lifetime family fitness plan, and here are a few hints and tips to get you started:

Young children are the perfect excuse for adopting a new lifetime family fitness plan. Energetic and playful, young children provide the perfect opportunity to run around a little bit in the local playground or even in your garden at home. The monkey bars in the park can help to build on upper body strength for both you and your family and playing “catch” or “tag” will leave you all running around chasing after each other which provides a great cardiac workout. Again, all of this can be done in the park or back garden and a climbing frame for the kids can be bought for fairly cheap.

Have a lifetime family fitness day out each week or so many times a month and try to do as many different activities to not only get yourself in shape but also to encourage the kids to follow your lead. You could take them swimming, bowling, ice skating, to the park, leisure centre and even roller skating. You may not feel very comfortable with the ides at first but you could always alternate between adult activities and children’s activities with a day out hiking or fishing in between.

Children will generally follow the paths of their parents so by having grown up days every now and again with more adult activities that they can still participate in, you can encourage them to be fit and healthy and also to participate in sport.

There are plenty of games consoles that can be purchased for the purposes of starting a lifetime family fitness plan. Most of the consoles have mats that can be attached that encourage both the adults and the kids to dance and jump along and this can be great for burning off a few extra calories and also to keep the kids amused while you are doing the housework!

Getting the whole family to lead a fit and healthy life does not need to be difficult and as long as plans are made and stuck to, you will soon find that the whole household is exercising away quite happily, without even realizing it!

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